Big families?

I don’t think that families, like The Duggers, should be ecouraged. When they have 17 kids. I think it’s waste of resources. 17 more people the world has to feed… I mean I think were way over-populated as it is, but what if everyone went out and started having 17 kids each? There is no way we could keep up with the demand, and we wouldn’t be able to offer any aid to third world countries…

And on the topic of the Duggers, don’t you think it’s wrong to shut kids off like that? No tv, no school, no internet, no opinions to listen to except their parents, stuck out in the middle of the woods, miles away from other people (other opinions), and they don’t get to leave until their already married. It just seems wrong for people to create kids this way… all shut off from the world.

I think families such as jon and kate plus 8 are fine becuase they have sets of multiples… but families that just continuesly have kids kind of bother me.

What do you think?

I think it’s none of my business what other families do. Families like the Duggers are productive members of society. They operate like a well oiled machine and have never asked for a dollar from any of us. Who am I to tell them that we should have a cap on how many children they can have?

I’m not saying we should make it against the law to have more then 3 kids or something, I’m saying that we shouldn’t encourage these families to waste our resources on their 17 kids, by giving them a tv show and tax breaks.

I come from a big family, my uncle’s and aunt’s are 12 all together from my Grandparents who have been married for over 50 years before my Gramps died… I have dozens upon dozens of cousins and I’m easily related to 5000 people in Alberta from my mother’s side alone. I love having a big family since it means you have more people to bond with, to care about and love… we’re not a waste in society, each and every one of us have careers and jobs and pay our taxes so why limit the amount of kids to have? It’s ultimately the choice of the couple on whether or not they want a big family… nor should we be judgemental about it…

If they can afford to have that many, why not? I don’t think the human body is made to have 18 but I’m not going to stop her.

I realize that a lot of the families don’t shield their children away from the world, but I still think that as long as there is world hunger people shouldn’t be having so many kids. I’m not saying we should legally limit the amount they have, I’m just saying it bothers me that they do. It seems a little irresponsible.

Someone needs to produce all the kids that the US is going to be running short on over the next years. All the baby boomers are retiring and we dont’ have enough people to replace all of those as it sits right now. I don’t think it matters how many kids a family has. If they want a big family and can provide for it then by all means get to bumpin!

Because the world can’t afford for them to have 18 kids. They might be able to buy all that food, but now the left overs won’t be there because they bought them all, and nothing will be donated to aid in our countries and other countries.

You’d be surprised on how many kids a woman can have, my Great Grandma Annie had 17 to 19 kids… can’t remember the exact number since my Great Grandparents always said it’s bad to count the blessings in your life and enjoy the ones which you already have.

Irresponsible would be having children that they can’t afford or didn’t want to have…

If everyone has three kids, that’s enough to replace thier parents, plus one more for anyone who doesn’t have kids. We don’t need people having 18 kids to reproduce the population.

Well everyone can’t have kids… so what do you suggest we do with those families that wouldn’t be able to keep up with your quota?

I didn’t say it would be horribly irresponsible, but like I said before, we don’t have enough supplies for everyone in America, and we should have more aid for other countries. Parents who have big families are being irresponsible because they are wasting resources when they don’t have to.

This gets off topic, but why do we need to aid other countries by giving them food? You have a million starving people and give them food and suddenly you have three million people starving because they lived to have kids. Teach them to farm, help them build irrigation but don’t give them food. It solves nothing.

The families support their kids…not the rest of the world. You are trying to stem two completely different things together.

Having 18 kids has nothing to do with donating to countries whether it be ours or another.

There are still going to be other people who donate to that type of cause.

The numbers are so small on families that are that large it doesn’t even put a dent into such things. And if I gather what you are saying is that you’d rather people worry about others before they worry about themselves? Sorry that just won’t happen.

You just said no one could have kids, btw, :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t say we HAVE to have 3 kids, we could have 5, we could have 1, but I think it’s getting a little ridiculous over 10.

I actually agree with you for once. And it has nothing to do with their societal productivity. I find it fucking disgusting and with today’s economy very foolish.

I know it’s possible but I don’t think it’s necessarily the most healthiest thing to do. And just the thought of that many kids coming out of me is creepy.

How it irresponsible when it was done by choice, when they provide for the kids in the family, when they give them love and the proper care which is needed, parents with a huge amount of kids aren’t all bad and don’t make them sound to be that way…

wtf? I don’t get it… there are more deeper rooted problems involved than huge families taking over everything… at least in your mind that is what I am thinking you’re thinking…

I didn’t say ‘give them food’ we could send seed packets too. We need to give them something for the time being, some food, some water, some farming supplies, some seeds, etc.