Biggest Animal You Could Kick To Death?

Excuse my warped mind and I’m not encoraging behaviour of this sort but what do you think is the largest animal you could kick to death?

I’m going with a medium sized deer.:smiley: :wink:

hahahha omg…this post is why I <3 you peter!!! hahahha.

Umm…I’d say…its really not about the size…its more about…the “oceans motion” (to quote veronica lmao). Like…I could probably kick a medium sized deer to death…but I DARE NOT fuck with a wolverine or something…which is much smaller…

You. :smiley:


Noice. :smiley:

i think i could kick a cow to death

i could probably kick a rabbit to death, but it’d be a hard fight. i won’t make any guarantees with anything bigger than an insect.

never try kicking an armadillo, a friend of mine broke a toe doing that once.

A sloth, he ain’t going anywhere once I start kicking

rolly eyes

OMG peter…lol, thats just horrible

Those fuckers are fast man! I’m gonna say a llama.

what a horrible thread! I love it :slight_smile:

um… I will say a human… I dont think I could kick anything as big as a deer to death… but I can kick something bigger than a dog… so that’s why I picked out a human :slight_smile:

Peter, you are one sick bastard. I love it.

At least he didn’t pick a human…

A baby rabbit

Like this, Johnny? You mean mean dude!

:stuck_out_tongue: id rather kick a human than a poor cute little bunny rabbit :frowning:

[quote=“Darkstar, post: 321308”]

Like this, Johnny? You mean mean dude![/quote]

Mmm… bunny burgers, yum!:licklips:

whenever i’m in big cities i get a strong urge to kick the pigeons

Haha! I hate the bastards, feed them bread laced with rat poison and watch them drop!:smiley: