Well ive always been really intrested in sport bikes and such, so im thinking i might buy one, im a new driver, only thing similar to a motorcycle ive riden was a 125cc dirt bike

So any experienced riders whats a good beginner sport bike, but still has some power? (even though these thigns fly nomatter what)


a CBR 600CC is a good starter bike.


I’d recommend not getting a “beginner” type bike… you know something like a little 250 or 500 "sporty’ bike. I definately wouldnt recommend something like an R1 or Busa… but one of the 600 or 750’s. Just remember, if your on a race bike your probably gonna race… and do something stupid. You can kill yourself on a dirtbike if you acted stupid… but I think something in the 600-750 range would be fast enough to scare the shit out of your for at least a couple years but not so fast that you’ve gotta worry about pulling the wheel off the ground by accident at random times.


Friend of mine just died Friday morning on a bike. It was a GSXR1000…I think I’ll stick to cars. Those guys that run at the strip on bikes are nuts. One guy went 5.05 last time out…on a STREET bike!


I’m thinking about buying a Harley but MD is right 600 or 750 is a good place to start


i have a freind who bought a suzuki sv650 for a beginner bike and he said it was a good beginner bike but they dont have a real aggresive sport bike look


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yeah im more of a harley guy. but i wouldnt mind a chopper and i went to a bike show last saturday and saw a boss hoss bike with a 502 BBC. thing was sick


I would buy more parts for my Mustang. If I was you I would buy a 66 Ford Mustang.


I absolutly loooove my sv650s. Its a 650 Vtwin. has all kinds of torque but nota massive top end. I get walked by the GSXRs all the time but its still competetive. I can out corner the 600-750 GSXRs because I have the torque to pull harder thru the corners but they always walk me on the straights. The sv also comes in 2 3 models now, the sv650, which is stripped down and has no fairings, the sv650s which is the one I have with the upper but no lower fairing and the sv1000s which looks just like mine but is a 1000. Mine is a 01 model and is carbed, the new ones are injected and the fairings are a lil different in design. One cool thing is that you can buy one BRAND NEW for about 5800 + finance. You wont find another bike competetive with this one for that price. I would deffinately reccomend the sv650 for a first bike. heres a pic of mine.


Sharp bike :smiley:


I miss my CBR929RR…

Serously, if you ride smart you’ll be fine no matter what you have. I rode with ALOT of people when i was in Cali. One of them started riding on a '99 CBR900RR and only crashed once, but it wasn’t his fault. Another younger kid started out on a CBR600RR and totaled it the next day. Got ANOTHER 600RR and totaled it the week after.

Here is the picture life story of my 929…


Is that you in those pics?


Yes ma’am. :rock


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hes also the one that fell off :booze


If you get a bike you will do stuff like that and you will be sorry. Get a old stang to waste you money in.


Invest your money in a hooker its about as safe as a bike :smiley:




This topic is dead :dunno


If he get a bike, he could be dead.


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Or a hooker :wtf