Birdieman does it again


once again he’s the trophy king :lol

congrats dude




I think he’s cheating!!!

Just Joking!!


oh man - i havent been around for a week or 2 and this is what happens??


haha… congrates to the bird man


:banana :fu :rock
BTW, I cheat on all the games.




how? lol.


…J/K; I would say that it is pretty hard to ‘cheat’ on the games. They are basicly ‘cheat proof’.


Of course he says it’s cheat proof… :funnah


Each game has a cheat key you can press, and then you can cheat. I got over 20,000 in Yeti Gorez, but I didn’t want to submit it, because I knew that everyone would be on to me. :cool


cheat key?

give me an example. i need to see this


I am totally joking. There is no such thing as a cheat key. I don’t cheat, I just happen to like video games, and I have phenominal hand eye coordination.


haha, ok… i was playing a game and hitting every key on the keyboard lol.

and yea, i guess your racing is an example of your coordination…