Black wheels on a blue car?


never really liked the idea, but i found this link, its true blue with black bullits w/ chrome lip.

mine is not a GT but i do have the grill del. and chin spoiler.

any opinions on this car?


Ive seen a few true blue ones and its sexa… especially wingless and lowered with dark windows


joe, your car is already sexa enough.


but i like my wing :frowning:

hehe, but anyhow, i also probably cant lower it since i live in brooklyn - a lot of the streets are too bumpy to handle that …

but overall its a lot nicer than i thought. you think some 17 (or maybe 18) inch blackies would look ok on a nonlowered (and non-un-winged) true blue car? nice and wide in the back :slight_smile:

i was also thinking black saleen style

joe you have true blue also, right? i love the color (which is why i have it :slight_smile: )


Well that would be me heheheheh most ive had were blue and Black LOL and though id like to get away from the color i doubt i ever will … Cause Blue, Black and burg are my colors :banana :banana :banana


I don’t like it. :gay


Why Greg thats a sexy car :banana :banana


i like it, but i like chrome bullits better. ive wanted the bullits for about 4 months now, but i checked out MF yesterday and everyone is getting bullits. i dont want my car to look like everyone elses, but i really like the 18" chrome bullits on an atlantic blue car… thats what im saving up for. :rock


yeah the bullits are pretty common, so are the cobras… thats why i mentioned saleens…

(truthfully, i really like the mach1’s but i already have the chin spoiler/grill, and i dont want to look like a mach 1 wanna be :dunno )


Did you look at the Gt500 though ??? and Blue i didnt realize what color your car was … Cause my 99 i totaled was that color :dunno :dunno




wwhat you talking about Matt :dunno :dunno


yep my car is atlantic blue… the year 99… :lol


yours is a V8 mine was a V6 5 speed :dunno i only had her 6 months she had 4000 miles and i put her in a 6 ft ditch :dunno


mines a v6

mods are- magnaflow catback, bomz (ebay) cai, and some appearance stuff like chin spoiler and grill delete and 20% tint. i want to get some 4.10s and an u/d pulley, but my grocery store job doesnt pay a lot. by summer, ill have the pulleys for sure, then gears, then wheels. :rock


sorry to hear about your stang. mines an auto and i want to do a conversion to a 5 speed manual. dont know much about that though, ill look into more when i get some more money.


so yours is just like mine was ??? except i had the 5 speed and you know that v6 wasnt slow … I could bark tires and think i could out run my 93 vert with the art car shift kit and 373 gear in the rear ??? :dunno :dunno


I like that blue color on that stang. Most of the time i dont like black wheels but it looks good on that!


yo andrew, id keep your wheels if i were you, and get some drag radials in the back. did you get all 4 new tires? when the back wears out, drag radials all the way. i hate my 3(6) spoke wheel design. nothing beats the good ole 5spoke style wheels :rock

me and lee are going to the track in jackson, sc this summer. hes taking his saab turbo, and im taking the stang. hes got a nice running turbo with a 5 speed. its an 86 i believe.


i still think the black bullits look good on the blue car :lol :lol