it’s nothing
thats wat i feel inside
thats also how i felt
when i found out that u died
i saw the bullent go
into ur head
and all i said
was o look
ur dead
i wasn’t happy
i wasn’t mad
i wasn’t even sad
i guess thats all i can say
i feel nothing
i feel blank
i remember the day off 9-11
i saw the souls as they rose to heaven
but i still felt nothing
i still felt blank
i saw the flames as they began to rise
they cam int my amazed eys
no feelings came over me
all i said was o man i can’t see
what does it mean when u can’t feel
like old wounds that just wont heal
i don’t know how much more i can take
i muct be nothing
i must be…


i think it’s your best post yet

yea me too

Damn, that’s really good. I like it!


I like it too. Good work!

ok it’s settled… i’m doing this one.

Very Good

i’m tired of this stuff… hm… i gotta do another one next period.