Blue angels pilot killed

so sad…

Pilot killed in Blue Angels crash - Military Affairs -

thats so insane, knowing all the time they put in and practice after practice…im a big fan;) sad sad news though:(

That really sucks. :frowning:

I saw a show of them when they were in Ft Wayne in 99. It was one or 2 shows after that when that other crash happened. :frowning:

RIP - anybody know who the pilot was?

LCDR Kevin Davis.
Very sad. Those guys were my heroes growing up. I dont know how many times I watched them with tears in my eyes.

Yeah I heard about that on CNN. So sad that it happened. Those guys are so talented, and I also feel sorry for the people on the ground who died. This past week has been a terribly sad week.

there were people on the ground that died??

Actually all the reports I read/heard no one but the pilot was killed. There were a few houses and vehicles that caught on fire with the debris of the plane.

Dayum! That sux dood. shakes head

Oh my mistake I thought I heard on CNN that people on the ground died. Sorry for the confusion.

that’s terrible to hear.

wow thats sucks…I got to meet them all about a year and a 1/2 ago when they put on a show here…I was helping with all there ordnance for their show