How many of yous have Tabletop Simulator and if so are any of you up for playing some boardgames in the near future?


Diplomacy is lit.


I played Secret Hitler for a while


last time I played Diplomacy it was IRL with friends and two girls ended up throwing things at each-other over the one’s betrayal


it sounds like you play board games with less than stable people


well, yeah


i literally only play poker on it but i might give more stuff a go


also the way we played was like 2 turns per day so people got really invested


I have Tabletop simulator. I have never played it though.


I’m still trying to figure out if I can justify buying it.


d o i t









My best mate at uni hated me for the rest of the game and teamed up with my flatmate just to screw me out of a win. I betrayed him too soon.


who wants to play Catan