Boomerang. Classic Cartoon Rant

You should come to expect these sorts of threads from me.

This is a network that is supposed to be dedicated to showing older cartoons, when I first got the network it was alright but not what i had expected, now in the afternoons and evening it seems like a lot of it is filled with failed CN cartoons, Kryto The Superdog, Baby Looney Tunes, and at night JLU, The Batman, Power Puff Girls, and the new anime style Fantastic 4…

I dunno, if it’s because they can’t access broadcasting right or what but they is a shitload of retro/nostalgic cartoons that they could be airing. The newbie to the mix is the reinvented Mr. Men show… If anything shouldn’t they be showing the 70’s version? If i ever see the new George Of The Jungle, I won’t watch the channel ever again.

Baby looney tunes is pretty cool from how I remember it. The rest are pure epic fail. They push out pointless cartoon show after another so I expect that channel to be filled with even more crap soon.