Boring day at the office


I whored as good as Bacon today only if I could use the print screen key :smiley:


HAHA!! I was thinkin the sme thing. joos gots the last post on EVERY thread.

Cept this one. :fu




Ok, You winโ€ฆ :dunno

No, Wait, I do. :fu


Haha theres 2 parts

Part 1

Part 2


Thanks Stangmang :banana


See, I could do a print screen but it didnt matter how small I made it the forums wouldnt accept it when I tried to upload. :dunno


Oh well with a little help from Stangmang I got my point across :smiley:


Iโ€™m done Baconizing the OT for now I need to work or play games :smiley:


whoring the thread has a new name now baconizing thats funny as hell


The Baconizer :rock