Boris Yeltsin

He just died! Heart failure.:frowning:
Former Russian leader Yeltsin dead -

Who is that?

WTF thats what everyone is saying… OY

Damn Americans, don’t you know anything that goes on outside your own country!:wink: He was the guy who brought democracy to Russia and broke up the USSR!!!

boris is probably the only russian polotician i do know about… but thats primamrily beacsue i wasn’t exactly interested in politics back when i was learinign abotu the fall of hte USSR… he did alot of good things…

He was a world class piss head too, but then so were most Russian presidents!:smiley:

Erm… no! Putin has been president for for about the last 6 years!

OH wow, crap, sorry about that. I got mixed up. Yeah, Putin was leader. Well, everything about the Russian leader cycle is still accurrate. Sorry about that :smiley: