How do you go about trying to get a partner/mate? If you find you like someone what do you do?
I dont know if I actually do anything lol. I guess I just hang around them and talk to them more. If I know I like them and they like me, I get more direct, like I’ve asked people if I can be their boyfriend before (cringe). People have told me that I flirt naturally sometimes but I’m not sure if thats true…

And, what do you look for in a potential mate/partner?
If a guy can make me laugh then that basically it. Definitely a plus if he is tall, sweet, bit of a bad boy. Has to be intelligent or its a no go.

Any regrets?
Not especially. I once told someone I loved them when I didnt (I thought I did). But even that is something to learn and grow from.


Talking, flirting… I mean, this is kind of self explanatory, I think. Let them know they’re special.

Give up hope immediately. I’ve never experienced reciprocated feelings and I’ve given up trying. “You’re a nice guy, but…”

Someone who’s caring, funny, unique, adventurous, not cocky or self-centered. Makes me feel special. I’ve never cared too much for looks though I’m a sucker for a cute face.

Every single time.


Its devastating basically.
For me, It was a real struggle to find anyone who actually liked me for AGES. But after I was with my first boyfriend, everyone seemed to start to fancy me. Was really weird. I dont know what happened to be honest lol.


Actually, I dont know if its true if I like bad boys particulary. I actually prefer good nice sweet guys who are sensitive, to be honest.

But it is nice to have a bad boy flirt with you every now and again :sweat_smile:


I prefer bad rich boys :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ring:


I do not even try.

I do not really know what I would do. Probably nothing.

Someone that I actually get along well with. And that I am sexually attracted to.

I do not know enough to be more specific.

Just about everything to some degree.

  1. I don’t really try to pull when I go out. Not my thing. If I’m attracted to someone I’m usually pretty complimentative, but I don’t really go out of my way to be extra-nice. I’d rather somebody were attracted to me because of who I am, rather than some false me that’s just being nice because I’m trying to make them be attracted to me. I used to be like that; learned my lesson, though. I’m also very introverted, not in the sense that I’m shy per se, but it takes some effort for me to emerge emotionally from my shell. So if I’m consistently nice to somebody it’s usually a pretty good sign I like them.

  2. Intelligence, good sense of humour, sweet and just generally a nice person. Y’know, somebody who is compassionate, considerate and understanding. I find those kinds of personality traits very attractive. Being able to put up with me is a big one, too; I’m a very flawed guy.

  3. Many. My last relationship was definitely a mistake.


How do you go about trying to get a partner/mate? If you find you like someone what do you do?
Well I talk to them and get close to them, like a normal person? I tend to find people online though seen as I’m not exactly spoilt for choice being gay lol

And, what do you look for in a potential mate/partner?
Tall and latino. Enough said. Someone who can take my bipolar tendencies and someone who has a good job as well as me so then we can afford nice things

Any regrets?
No. All the men I’ve been with are fuck boys.

  1. Varies from person to person if I’m totally honest. I met my current partner through a dating app (lmao). If I find someone attractive and I’m into them in a romantic kind of way then I’ll usually just spend a fair amount of time talking to them and see where it leads. Sometimes you click right from the start, other times you don’t.

  2. Intelligence, compassion, humour, similar interests, good communication and general attractiveness. I’m not going to lie and say that physical atttaction has no impact whatsoever, but if you tick the other boxes chances are I’ll like you.

  3. Two, kind of. Won’t be going into them.


I just flirt and see where it goes. I haven’t really put forth the effort lately. I just focus on myself now.

I just look for loyalty and someone who has a sense of humor. Loyalty is key for me. Before I left boot camp there was one who I had a little fling with and now it’s like she doesn’t give a damn about me. Loyalty is key for me.

Very many, which is why I decided to focus on myself now and just avoid any of the BS that comes with a relationship. My two big ones have to do with me leaving someone for a stupid reason. I should’ve stayed with her, but I made a bad judgment call there at the end. The other, was getting involved with someone over the course of 3 years. It was very complicated and we took breaks. I put a lot into it and it just didn’t go the way I hoped, so. It is what it is. I learned from it.


I try to talk to them, get to know them before making that decision. Make sure you sure your interest, I guess and don’t force the conversation. It’s so boring when you do, not worth the time. I naturally am a flirt - has its advantages and disadvantages, I guess. I’ll find the right one soon.

Someone who you can have a laugh with, but can handle serious situations and discussions. I don’t like immaturity to the point where it’s childish. I want someone who can accept the things I’m insecure about and that.

Too many. In my first year at secondary school, I wrote letters to my crush and was just being humiliated for it for a good week or so. I’ve been with the wrong lads too, and they’ve just fucked me up.


I don’t try to find anyone. If I like someone, I tell them and see where it goes.

Looks wise, they have to be taller than me. I’m a sucker for brown eyes too. Personality wise, I like funny guys, who are caring and intelligent. The ability to talk about politics is important.

I have one big regret, but I guess I learnt from it.


Alex it would be handy to know how old you are so I can give more context , but considering how much you care about anonymity I can simplify it as are you an adult yet or still under 18


Sorry :frowning:


Would they have to be similair to you in their politics or not?


How horrible… I take it it was your crush who was the one who spread it around?


Oh no, as long as they’re tolerant, I don’t mind what their politics are.


How tall is tall?


Why is that funny? Seems a cool way to meet.


I’ve been meaning to try that, actually.