6’2 and above

But wouldn’t you like to know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You have to deal with a lot of rejection on them things.

Apps arent great, in my experience, as they allow very little room for writing about yourself and showing off your personality in your profile… I prefer the dating websites.
Apps seem to be a lot more superficial.

i agree with you though. 6 foot 2 and above is best. Yum.


So nothing I’m not used to

Well yeah, lots of websites have their own apps now. I suppose you’re right about ones that are specifically apps, though.


you guys are really cringey. :joy:


His friends, we were 11 so you learn from it.


And all this time I thought I was cool! :cry:


Well you’re straight you jackass


I haven’t been looking for a partner for at least 4 years now, I have no interest. So for one night/many night stands, I generally just be myself, which is pretty naturally confident/flirty. I use simple complements (nice dress/nice hair or whatever) and just talk about whatever feels right in the moment. An entire ‘one size fits all’ approach will never work.

Anything I deem above a 4/10 is worth a shag.

I don’t regret anything. Certainly moments I’m not proud of, but definitely don’t regret anything.


Well you’re straight



What happens if they’ve are a spooky right winger like me


A spooky right winger?


Spooky right wing pose



i was in this relationship with someone who was in a very bad place at the time, and i tried to get out of it because it wasn’t making me happy, but then they got worse, so i stayed with them because i thought that if i ended it it would push them over the edge
it detiorated from there and they ended up ending it


straighties just don’t get it


Holy shit man, that’s rough. Sorry to hear.


I don’t try. I believe in fate to a large extent, so if the chance comes to me I will pursue.

Female, sexually attractive, intellectual equivalent, non-degenerate, Christian, not left-wing, and American, in that order.[quote=“Alexandrovich, post:1, topic:111513”]
Any regrets?

One. I once turned down somebody only to stay friends and then start to like them. I asked months later if she still wanted to go out and by then she had moved on and it was extremely awkward for weeks before the friendship died.


That’s usually how it goes. “You want them when they don’t want you. When they do, feelings change.” My favorite lyric from Space Bound by Eminem.



I use Tinder and Bumble every now and then. I’ve dated a few people from those but haven’t really felt any connection with anyone from there.

If I find someone I’m interested in irl I’ll usually just ask them out after getting to know them a bit more.

I’m not sure honestly. Aside from having good chemistry with them I’m still trying to figure out what else I’m looking for.

Generally getting into relationships with people I have no real interest in and hurting them as a result.


This guy knows what’s up.