Oh god. That must have been terrible.

I knew someone who didnt leave his girfriend for about a year because he thought she would hurt herself if he left her. Its not a good situation to be in for either party. It didnt end in the same way though, thank god.


Oh fuck, I’ve been there before


Most experiences on those kind of apps end in a different way.[quote="_lake, post:20, topic:111513"]
I’ve been meaning to try that, actually.

Go for it. I mainly used to use them when I was bored, but you can meet some interesting people even if you don’t end up dating them.


I’ve made a lot of friends on dating sites.


But on some smooth wah and sing I’m gonna make love to you woman…


I don’t. At this point in my life (18 years old moving to uni in September) a girlfriend would be a hindrance. Ive never really understood the idea of relationships before the age of 20. Nothing good comes of them and they just seem like way to get distracted. Thats not to say ive never been attracted to anyone, i have before. However, when you remove the incentive for sex (I’m in the grey area of the sex before marriage debate) it removes the incentives for relationships also.

Some degree of intelligence, self awareness, modesty, integrity and respect. Something many of the girls i have interacted with have very little of, bar one or two.

Plenty. Without getting too far into details, I wouldn’t be near as vocal about my thoughts and views. I live in a very very liberal area (Brighton / Sussex area) and so you’re more likely to find a unicorn than a girl that doesn’t think UKIP is synonymous with Nazism. So much as expressing a modicum of my views will get you socially crucified.




That must’ve sucked. But, there’s a million people. You just bumped into the wrong ones. Keep trying tho.

Sometimes, I wished that things would be sweet and easy as the classics. Lots of talking, lots of jokes, lots of fun times together. Instead of the physical and superficial stuff.

  1. I wouldn’t really know what to do. Since, I’m a little dense in the head and wouldn’t even know if I felt attraction or friendship. I never thought that far. I guess if I find someone I liked then I would be extra sweet on them and cook for them a lot. Yup. I show love and trust through cooking. :slight_smile:
  2. Sweet, a little goofy and always always strives to better their mind. It wouldn’t hurt if they had freckles. Think that’s so adorable. And curly hair. Also someone I can probably talk for hours with and be so comfortable and trusting with, that farting in front of them ain’t a problem, lol.
  3. Not yet. And probably not in a long time.

But seeing how relationships have crashed and burned all around me, I think it’s safe to say, that I would probably have my nose stuck up in some good literature for quite a while, then oggling my next intended mate. :grin: