BREAKING: North Korea launches four missiles toward Sea of Japan


A South Korean military official said a launch had taken place at 07:36 local time Monday (22:36 GMT Sunday) and was being investigated to determine the type of projectile used.
The US military said later it had detected and tracked a launch but had determined that it did not pose a threat to North America.


Is Kimmy playing with bottle rockets again?


The West doesnt have the moral high ground, especially as they continue to carry out yearly mock invasions of the DPRK. Which country on Earth would put up with that on their doorstep?


because they do shit like this



In the past, they have mostly just fired these rockets in to their own waters or their own land. But when it comes to be reported in the West they have “fired towards the Sea of Japan” or “it landed in the Sea of Japan”. Well… just because we call it the Sea of Japan, doesnt make it Japanese territory. The ‘Sea of Japan’ includes the whole of the East coast of the DPRK.

This time though, it does appear that some rockets may have landed in Japanese waters.


Okay? And we shouldn’t take that as a threat because?


I’m pretty sure they’ve always been vocal against the West.

Also, are you defending Kim Jong Un?


Do you expect better from a communist?




Firing into the Sea of Japan =/= firing into Japanese territory. It’s misleading not to take that into account. North Korea has done these tests for decades, so I fail to see why it’s “BREAKING NEWS”.

North Korea’s military is ill-prepared for any kind of invasion or defense. Anyone who reads about North Korea knows it. These things are just propaganda and an attempt to sound like a threat, as the North Korean leadership wouldn’t purposefully fire a missile where they know the West can see it unless that’s exactly what they want. I seriously doubt this changes anything.


I have always struggled to understand why there are some ‘comrades’ who support a dictatorship that was established as a Soviet puppet government, where a guy who knew nothing about Marxism or socialist theory in his entire life was put as head of the dictatorship (Kim Il-Sung), and which has ideological common grounds with the fascist-esque ideas of the Japanese colonial era, like the belief in autarky, ultranationalism, reactionary social beliefs like racism, and the employment of the same torture methods.

I can at least understand the support for the USSR during the non-Stalin periods, Cuba, Cambodia after the destruction of the Khmer Rouge, and other such places, but why North Korea out of all? All it accomplishes is to make the rest of us look bad, even to those who disagree with it.


While I do hate Trump May and most of the west politicians as far as I know (now correct me if I’m wrong) but they don’t starve their people? Or oppress them (well mostly :D). Or fire random nukes into the sea :smiley:
We should invade the country as long as China is happy with it as that country is now a major threat to the world


They landed in Japanese owned waters. Their EEZ.


@Oli and @StrangeSignal, truly the epitome of totalitarian apologism.


Its all fine and dandy saying that they do not pose a threat to the US but if they have missile technology capable of hitting japan and other neighboring nations, I doubt it will be long before they have missiles capable of hitting the US.


yeah I know where u r coming from with that. I have a small political debate group in my school and we had a commie who used to run it. He was a bloody nightmare. Even though we hardly see him as he left school he is still a pain in the arse sometimes on social media.


Striking the US would be national suicide. The North Korean leadership isn’t stupid, otherwise they wouldn’t still be in power after all they have done. There are many more american nuclear bombs in South Korea, and of much more power, than what the North could ever produce. This is mostly used for propaganda purposes and to show the “military might of North Korea” as an attempt to minimalize the actual weakness of the North Korean army. They don’t have shit and their weaponry is decades old stuff bought to, or donated from, the USSR, and they know it. The US has been for some time now doing shows with their bombers near the ‘de-militarized’ zone.


You really believe that there are no starving people in the UK or US? Well, I’m sorry to say that there are… and many of them are on benefits so its not like they’re ‘outside of the system’ or something.
As for conducting nuclear weapons tests, the DPRK has a long way to go to catch up to the United States.
In any case, when I said that the West doesnt have the moral highground I was talking about how the countries (DPRK and the West) act towards eachother rather than their own internal policies.

Yes, they have always been vocal against the West. They are still technically at war with South Korea.

I am defending no one. I am simply pointing out the lies and hypocricy which you are happy to accept without a second thought.

I am not saying that conducting a military test is not a threat, I am saying that its not as big a deal as the media and government is making out.

I thought so too, at first. But it turns out that early report was a lie. It landed outside of Japanese waters.


Comrade, I do not support the DPRK. They are my enemy.