BREAKING: North Korea launches four missiles toward Sea of Japan




Why would anybody claim that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is communist just because their leadership claim to be so? It would be the equivalent of claiming that they are democratic just because its in the name of their country.


Well real communism is self-conflicting, infinitely exploitable, ignorant, infeasible… basically retarded. I’m not surprised it’s never been done ‘right’.


basically, @Augustus is saying you commies always deflect criticism by saying “that’s not communism,” which after a while becomes an old argument which is hard to take seriously.


You sound incredibly well read in communist theory, history and ideology - NOT.

Thats the level you’re at. A child parotting the insidious capitalist mantra with which you have been indoctrinated from birth.


Socialists and helicopter passengers keep saying that, and yet, cannot defend their ideas.

My parents were staunchly religious republicans. Now I’m a militant atheist libertarian. So dunno about that. I have read about communism, and frankly, not impressed.


I am also an atheist libertarian socialist.

Embrace me, my brother!


You sure you aren’t talking about yourself here?


Ooh ya got me… wanna elaborate?




I think we may be slightly off-topic now… and in to the area of insanity lol.


Then why do you claim the West doesn’t have the moral high ground? It’s dubious at best if we consider how the North Korean dictatorship handles itself.


As I explained in my response to Rinveron, I was talking about the way they conduct themselves internationally, not internally.


ohhhh… now i get why you’re a commie… says in your bio you like fantasy.
how do you reconcile that with enjoying food tho?


Now you’re just being lame.


@Alexandrovich you have to admit, that was a nice shot lol


I am just making a lighthearted roast. Believe me, I could hit a lot harder frankly.
I like fantasy and sci-fi books/movies too.


Traditional communist quizine.


When a country uses nuclear weapons when being told not to give them the moral high ground.

No your are right there are starving people in the US and the UK but the numbers are incomparable compared to north korea you need to get your head around hat DPRK is a) not communist and b) NOT equal (so no communist).