Brexit Florence Speech


Theresa May gave a speech in Florence on Friday in an attempt to push along the Brexit talks, in which she opened up the possibility of a two-year transition period before the UK’s departure. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a thread on it already, even if the forum is a skeleton of its previous self.

What are your thoughts on this? Should we be looking at a transition period? How will the EU respond? Is the government handling the negotiations aptly?


I thought a transition period was common sense and was already how Brexit was going to go down, but I don’t live in the U.K.

Why would it go differently?


I honestly don’t think we should be looking at a transition period at all. Until we leave we have to abide by the same rules of the EU and still have free movement, which will increase of Islamic terror attacks in the UK.

We will also be paying a divorce bill which is said to be around 20 billion, this i saw in the independent. I don’t see why we should pay any more to the EU as we have paying into their system for years. That money that is to be paid now can be used on NHS. Yet again the government surrender to the EU rather than helping their own people.

Another thing to add, until we leave we will not be able to make any trade deals as we will still be part of the single market. We will still be ruled by EU laws and the ECJ will still have superior powers and rights than our own court of justice.

This is not the brexit the people voted for. This is being done so that when it gets close to the date of us leaving, the government will try to force a new referendum on brexit and make the people vote remain. This is what it is simply about.
If it were me as PM, the UK would be out of the EU by now and would be trading with the rest of the world.


It’s not so much the concept of a transition period that is truly contentious (though some hard Brexiteers do fully oppose such a thing), but rather how that transition period is used and why we have it. If it’s required simply because the government wants to kick preparations for our exit down the road then that’s a lot different to a transition that’s legitimately required because, despite trying their best, the government physically can’t get things ready in that allotted time period.

I’m personally fine with the concept of a transition deal provided if it’s done for the right reasons. I just have little faith in the government’s current strategy for obtaining both satisfactory arrangements on post-Brexit political issues and agreeing upon a decent post-Brexit trade agreement with the EU. If they start publishing details of a possible no-deal arrangement and up the pressure on the EU to act then I may gain some more confidence.


the speech was a rather pathetic appeasement of the EU by a weak PM