Who would do Britney? This is for the girls too.


yes but only for the money


You would not do it for the fun of it?


I would do it just cuz she has a hole where I dont :smiley:


Re: RE: Britney

I really don’t care for britney


Yes I would, who wouldn’t? :dunno


Hell yes!


i wouldnt complain if i had sex with her. :hump


i would only do it if she promised not to sing at all


Just to say that i did!


maybe PRE kevin.> She turned into a slob once she met that fool.


Re: RE: Britney

Damn V I would love to see that :rock


Um, ok, well, I seem to be the only one who voted no… can that not count since I didn’t see the results prior to voting? lol


Re: RE: Britney

I agree.


hell britney’s first b/f was on some tv show or something…i’d do it just to get on tv and tell her she wasn’t that great and that i’ve had better. see how she reacts :smiley:


i dont like her :dunno


As long as she isn’t all crudded up…


I bet she is a loose fuck. That the way I like it. That tight shit hurts.


:funnah i swear, horse is NOSman in disguise


:funnah :funnah :funnah if it was like this i would believe it

I bet she is a loose fuck… That the way I like it… That tight shit hurts…