Broke Reality Online

Welcome to Broken Reality Online

I’ve been playing this the last few days and I’ve enjoyed it.

Broken Reality is a free browser-based, community-driven RPG featuring a post-apocalyptical future in which Fantasy, Horror and Science-Fiction converge in a collective tale of power and warfare.

In addition to this, Broken Reality incorporates brand new web technologies that extend the user experience towards a community-driven model, its nature allow it to merge strategic gameplay with collective storytelling, generating a progressive, ever-evolving tale in which you, the player, define the course of the game history, which is available through a Blook and a Webcomic, released every month along with new in-game content for the community.


  • Create a unique character and customize your profile
  • Accomplish great deeds and earn experience
  • Extend your skills and unleash amazing powers
  • Share your experiences with the community
  • Receive feedback from other players
  • Earn great in-game rewards
  • Meet other players online
  • Build guilds and fellowships
  • Empower your faction in the politic, belic and economic landscape
  • Match other players in strategical realtime combat
  • Take part in large-scale battles along thousands of players
  • Conquer enemy’s lands
  • Draw land’s resources
  • Craft astounding devices
  • Trade your creations with other players

sounds like i could get addicted to it…lmao i’ll check it out soon.

I’m afraid to check it out. I know I’ll get hooked on it quite easily.