Broken phone

Well, I finally destroyed my phone, it kinda works but the screen is cracked. Now I need to replace it. I’d like to not have to buy a new phone so I just dug up an ancient Motorola i50sx phone and I can take the SIM card out easily, but if I was a betting man I’d bet that it’s locked to Nextel. The phone I’m using now is… was a Samsung SPH-A560 with Sprint service and I can’t see the SIM card so it’d have to be taken apart, I’m assuming. I would just buy a new Sprint phone, but our contract is gonna be up in September and we’re switching to Cingular because Sprint sucks, so I don’t want a Sprint locked phone. I guess what I’m asking is who, if anyone, could unlock my old phone.

Holy shit that tank of a phone finally bit the bullet. A sad day…

Its hard to do man. Alot of people wont unlock’em anymore. I work in cell phones. Im at work now actually! : P I’ll see if my supervisor has some store locations that may help you.runs off

I can actually still make and receive calls, just can’t see what the 'eff I’m doing.

first: is the screen gone do to physical damage? Or did it just go out suddenly?

Two: You are looking for a sublock code. They are different for each provider. No stores we can say will help you with that. Do to fraud policies, but you may be able to search it online.

Evil grin Physical damage, and thanks for the help. I might just tough it out till the service is done, I can make and receive calls, just can’t see what I’m doing.

try a hard shock. take the battery out while its powered on. wait 15 seconds then put it back in and power it on.Shrugs its a long shot, but you may as well if you havent already.

Well, the screen didn’t exactly go out. It’s still on, but I can see all the cracks and it’s technicolor.

Hey Alex maybe your screen is broke since you treat your phone like shit. Just food for thought…mmmm food.

cell phones suck. they are all a scam. but i use mine religiously.

I treat my cell phone like shit because it was shit out of the box, it was shit when I treated it nice, it was shit when I treated it bad, and it’s now a heaping pile of shit.

you just described every cell phone out there.

Yeah it’s a nasty addiction.

I’d have to say, while all cell phones pretty much suck, there are ones that are better than others. But my phone was honestly so bad I used it as a digital phone book. Never had service anywhere so I would just look up the number I wanted and either use a house phone or someone elses phone.

Good times, seeing you get pissed off at your phone.

Yeah, I actually kinda miss it.

I’ll sell you a motorola razor for £20
perfect working and no scratches