Should bullying be illegal by law, or should it be down to schools and parents to deal with these issues?

According to the gov.uk website (UK government), certain types of bullying is illegal:

What are your thoughts?


It should ultimately be left to the school and parents to handle the situation. But if there is physical abuse or harassment, like messages and things like that, I think law enforcement should get involved depending on how severe it is.


Schools should be allowed to deal with anything not physically threatening or endangering.

I’m perfectly okay with certain social trends being pushed via methods described by some as “bullying”.

Beating some kid up because he picks his nose isn’t one of those methods though.


Name calling should be left for schools to deal with, but theft, violence, and repeated harassment are all matters which are straight in legal territory.

By “deal with” I mean actually address the issue, because it’s something which can stress a student out and impact their schoolwork (something I don’t think tax paying parents want).


physical bullying should never be left for the schools to deal with because those spineless cunts will stand by their zero tolerance policy to the death and treat both the victim and the actual bully to the same punishment
that might just be in the suenited states though


harassment isn’t harassment when it happens to kids amirite


It isn’t about “when it happens to kids”, its about when “its done by kids”. There’s a huge difference between a 25 year old harassing someone, and a 14 year old harassing someone.


yeah, the 14 year old will immediately identify your insecurities and hit you where it hurts


All I know is that when I was a kid as well as a teenager, the teachers and principals in my elementary and high schools didn’t do nearly enough to stop bullying and to punish youths who traumatized others via bullying.


Bullying must be proclaimed illegal for the students studying in schools, universities and etc by the teachers. Certain types of bullying must be proclaimed illegal by the government of the country.