Bunch of changes made today


Let me know if you encounter any problems.

The most common problem will probably be login / logout problems. To cure this, clear your offtopicz cookies.


uhh… so are you gonna tell me what you did?


ya i saw that huge list of mumbo-jumbo once i signed on lol


Re: RE: Bunch of changes made today

Moved the forum directory up to root, so now the offtopicz site address takes you to the portal, and the forums are no longer in the forum directory. Also did a bunch of seo stuff and setup redirects from the old addresses.

So if you go to www.offtopicz.com/forums/ (many people have that bookmarked), it will redirect you to www.offtopicz.com/index.php , that way nobody will get lost (although I encourage you to change your bookmarks), and we keep our pageranking on a few of the areas I setup redirects.

So far, to date, google has only indexed 7 of offtopicz pages. Im hoping with the recent changes we’ll have over 1000 pages listed after the next update.




Re: RE: Bunch of changes made today

[quote=kplays_kitty]now u tell me
i only tried to log in 100x’s[/quote]
:agree yeah i tried for a while and couldnt figure it out then the page said it suggested going into www.offtopicz.com instead of www.offtopicz.com/forum


no problems here Joe. workin great.


somewhere in the feedback section, i made a post about this:



ok, let me check the code. I remember seeing your post but I forgot about it.

*** edit *** fixed now.


in the other post, it was hard to describe :lol