Bush vs Monkey


So, which one is which?



What the hell are you talking about. All I see is two monkeys :smiley:


haha, VF wont even be able to vote in the next election. im a republican, but i dont think bush is the man we need in office. at least he is steadfast and wont lose the war like vietnam. i said it once and ill say it again, mccain and guiliani will fucking own the next eleciton.


I dont like voting. Tis boring.


or you dont have the brain to give a shit about your nation.


I do too.


i must admit it’s very funny , the pics’ that is. :lol


good pics, bush is a retard, and im not a hard core democrat, i vote for the person not the party i dont care what party they are

Mccain shoulda been our president all along


Re: RE: Bush vs Monkey

100% AGREE :rock




I dunno what you guys are talking about.
Bush is da man! :tard



I like Bush


I like a little bush too, but not the prez. Bush.


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