Business idea


For YEARS, I have dreamt of owning my own cafe/restaurant. I have been passing the PERFECT location (that is vacant) for the last few months and I day dream about it every time I see it. I can see it completely done in my head… ANYWAYS, Joe said we can start saving and looking into loans ect for this. SOO, this is where I need yall help. What do you think I should serve in this cafe. I can make a MEAN pizza… I figured something like subs, breads, pasterys, choclates, ect. what do yall think>?


If you can make some good Italian, make it an Italian eatery.

What’s the competition look like in the area? How many pizza joints and italian eateries are within a 3 mile radius of it?


Subs and pizza are always a good combo


make sure you sell breakfast all day long. big business for resurants. maybe alot of different things. def. take home deserts liker pies, cakes, muffins, cookies and some pastries. give good variety of the food you make and offer the customers. more different kinds of food you make the more customers you get and keep


im definally making everything from scratch… :slight_smile:

The store/vacant is downtown… there is the bistro (italian food) and hilldaguards (sub food) and thats it… SOO… If mine was a bakery/ breakfast crusants, ect, I think it would do good. There isnt a chocolate factory ANYWHERE in valdosta. So I think homemade fudges would do awesome!!


damnit, why do i gotta live so far north :smiley:


I have wanted to start my own business for a loooong time now.
I either want to have a BBQ place or sell childrens clothing. But I dont see it happening anytime soon. :tard


beer and jack daniels.


bread and pastry for the morning. Brew good coffe.
All depending on how early you open and how late you stay open.
Everyone makes pizzas and Subs. Why not try some South western entrees like Chili, anf make ham sandwiches with shredded lettuce and tomatoes on a bun. a GOOD and hearty homemade Chicken noodle soup is good. With thick pasta noodles. Also good for lunch is hotdogs. All beef or chicken/turkey. The best ones are all beef. Check you local meat vendor. Also good for lunch is the Pulled paork or Chicken sandwiches. Either Carolina style or with barbeque sause on it. My dad owned a breakfest and lunch Tavern in Phoenix for about 20 years. He caterd mostly to the downtown business crowd. Plus he had 13 pool tables and Three tournamnet Billard pool tables. (For Snooker and golf) He kept it simple but listned to his customers preferences.
bake your own bread if you can. That gives the restraunt a homemade kind of flavor to it.
Oh yea you should also have a l fruit and salad bar if you want to keep the femal customers coming back.

Good luck


Your making me hungry. :smiley:


SO far, this is the plan… keep in mind, this is only after a few days of thinking…

For Breakfast:
ham (bacon, or sausage), egg, and cheese croussants (will have to learn how to spell them)
(as well as some pastrys

For Lunch:
salad bar, fruit bar, all types of sandwiches (w/ homemade bread), a few different type soups, new hampshire hotdogs, and some hamburgers

I think for mon- thur we will only be open for breakfast and lunch… thinking about having dinner on friday, sat, and sundays.

As far as drinks, I will be making alot of different types of cappacinos and coffees.

How does all that sound??

Now I need to think of a NAME!! Was thinking about Haze cafe… but joe didnt like it. He wants something french.


Well that looks great, except for I don’t see anything original, it’s like any other eatery. Not saying anything, it’s up to you, but just keep in mind :smiley: .

This place jam land across the highway from our school offered free saturday breakfast for the football team, everyone loved it, plus they have good food there :tard


Lé Haze Café?

:rofl sorry I’m not being any help, but that has more of a French appeal to it… I think.

PS, it’s croissant. :smiley:

… and damnit that place sounds like it’d take off. Maybe I should move to Valdosta.


Well, crap… I forgot to add…

I will be hand making all my chocolate and candies… as well as the pastries, cookies, and stuff like that. :slight_smile:


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm cookies :tard

me like cookies

me like cookies

me like cookies

me like cookies


those dont look so good. LOL :slight_smile:


me so hungry, me love cookies long time :smiley:


Just as long as your cookies dont turn out like this…


word… :wtf


Here is a few cafe names… tell me which ones yall like…

  • Atmosphere Cafe

  • Café L’atmosphere

    • “Atmosphere Cafe” (French)
  • Beach Towel Cafe

  • Ebbs & Tide Cafe

  • Dune Cafe

  • That Beach Cafe

  • That Coffee Shop

  • Coffee Bean House

  • Sand & Water

  • Aprés Soleil

    • “After the Sun” (French)
  • The Beach Cove

  • Gourmet Cafe

  • Sand Castle

  • Sweetwater Cafe

  • Sweetwarer Saloon

  • Saltwater Cafe

  • Sandcorn Cafe

  • Sandy Beach Cafe

  • Bay Coffee

  • Sandbucks

  • Starbeach

  • Café L’énigme

    • “Enigma Cafe” (French)
  • Café La Plage

    • “The Beach” (French)
  • Time-Out Coffee House

  • Chatterbox Beach Cafe

  • Day & Night Cafe

  • Sea Horse Cafe

  • Shelter Cafe

  • Bistro Beach

  • Relax & Comfort Cafe

  • A Hint Of French Beach Cafe

  • Pleasure Cafe

  • The Joint

  • Hot Spot

  • Speakeasy Cafe

  • Slow-Food

  • Le Cafe Francais

    • “French Cafe” (French)
  • Beach Inn

  • Sun Lotion Cafe

  • Atlantis

  • Gourmet’s Delight

  • Sandwich Cafe

  • Sand Witch Cafe

  • Liquid Bistro

  • L’eau Cafe

    • “Water Cafe” (French)
  • Beach Meal Coffee House

  • Night Spot

  • L’auteur

    • “Author” (French)
  • Wet Feet Beach Cafe

  • Eau de Mer Cafe

    • “Saltwater/ Water of the Sea” (French)
  • Ocean Cafe

  • Seaside Cafe

  • Dive & Dine

  • Sunburn Bistro

  • Eclectic Restaurant & Cafe

  • Espresso Beach

  • Comfort Cafe

  • Life’s-a-Beach Cafe

  • Dreamy Beach Cafe

  • Beach Spot

  • Delight Cafe

  • Tired Tourist Bistro & Bar

  • Beach Garden

  • Liberté Cafe

    • “Liberty” (French)
  • The Cozy Cafeteria

  • Sunworld Cafe

  • Coffee Crab

  • The Hideaway

  • Java Bean

  • La Vie Coffee

    • “Life” (French)
  • C’est la Vie Coffee

    • “That’s Life” (French)
  • Deja Vu Cafe

  • Cafe Noir

    • “Black Coffee” (French)
  • Cappuccino Coffee Club

  • L’illusion

    • “The Illusion” (French)
  • 1900 Coffee House

  • The Wanderer Cafe & Bistro

  • Illusion Cafe

    • “The Illusion” (French)
  • Memory Cafe