Calling people spoiled.. A sign of jealousy?

I never understood why people looked down on “spoiled” people. My mom has a rich friend who has a kid about 2 years younger than me and he’s fucking loaded with stuff and everything you can imagine a kid would want. I have to admit it makes me pretty jealous seeing everything he has that I can only dream of having but he’s pretty cool and isn’t like self centered or anything the stereotypical spoiled person is. Shit, I wish I was spoiled like that, lol.

Question is though, is being spoiled really a bad thing? Or is it just one of those bully tactics used by adults and everyone to those they are jealous of?

I was spoiled rotten growing up.

I don’t think it’s affected how I am as an adult

spoiled to isnt some1 who has alot… its some1 who knows that ppl wont say no to him and there 4 thinks hes better than every 1 else

the real meaning of spoiled is neglect…and since you describe this person as not self centered they are in fact not spoiled.

people use the word spoiled not knowing its true meaning and you are quite right to say they are likely jealous.

Also there is a difference between being spoiled emotionally and being spoiled monetarily

And I’m just using the word in it’s commonly held use

You know

I’m common lol!!

I dont think its always a sign of jealousy. Just depends. I had snotty spoiled kids in school and the only reason i didnt like them was because they were assholes to me… However, I had many ‘spoiled’ friends and was never jealous of them. Just depends i guess. I wasnt spoiled. I lived in a mobile home with only rice to eat most nights. I wore hand-me-down clothes that never fit… but i was a happy kid.

By definition spoiled is not good. Someone who is truly spoiled is hard to be around. I think the context in which you mean spoiled is that they are given far more than they need or the average person has. In that case I hope the child stays level-headed often times they don’t.

Yea when I think spoiled I think rotten as in a pain in my arse! I’ve known quite a few people like that and definitely never jealous of them.

I’ve also known people who always got what they wanted and that once in a while made me think, “damn why can’t I have that” then I quickly realize if I wanted something I have to work for it. And I’d rather say I worked for something as opposed to saying I had it all handed to me.

“dont get your lust
from the rich mans gold
all that you neeeeeeed
is in yo soul”