Can a lawless society exist without chaos?


The only way that a lawless society could function would be the deterrent of clan-based vengeance. But I’ve read enough of the Njal’s Saga to know that isn’t preferable to the modern system of prison and rehabilitation.


No. Law is an essential part of human civilisation. We must be controlled in order to live good, moral lives.


Of course it can! The only reason why it hasn’t existed to date is simply because human beings are sloppy, lazy, unmotivated, and seek shortcuts to accomplish their goals. Everyone tries to “beat the system”, exploit their neighbor, and blame it on the homeless person down the street! It is like the difference between curing the disease and providing a symptomatic treatment to suppress its discomforts. If medicine was practiced on a level of operation and conduct that had nothing to do with “profit-based mentality” it would naturally gravitate toward the scientific purposes of “solving the problem.” If the nature of our work is to truly discern the etiological source of all our problems, then our only task necessary to become a problem-free society is to work in a manner that solves more problems than it creates, and share those benefits with all in a manner that precludes any, excludes even fewer, and neglects none. In such a system, our work then defines the activity of “solving our problems” and as long as people can see work being done, they know their problems are in the process of being resolved. This is the necessity of what it takes to have trust in society. This is a society based on an Institutionalization of Truth, which is essentially to sustain that trust. In such a society their is only one rule which does not need enforcement because it is a mutually respected process of work & operation. This is the “Self-realization of Truth” and we would guide each other to our awareness of this truth. Any attempt at deception, injustice, or ill-will toward our fellow co-existent being would only serve as an injustice unto ourselves because it would require the betrayal of that trust and result in the extradition of our ways or our being. Now, if this person felt that their ways were true they could overtly challenge the essence of that truth to determine if the efficiency of that truth is higher than the working-efficiency of the accepted truth. But the way that you simplify all this into a lawless society is by teaching our people based on a higher aware of the truth & love of all. The only reason why God’s people needed the 10 commandments was for guidance, direction, & support. That guidance, direction & support can be applied in two different ways: 1.) enforcement, or 2.) self-realization of truth. The prior represents the need for law and sustains an environment of ignorance as to why the law needs to exist. The latter leads to the shared awareness of all, the ability to trust & love, and is essence our Spiritual Oneness. So the only reason why we fail to adopt a lawless society is because we have chosen the pathway of enforcement to subdue evil as opposed to the pathway of awareness to make evil irrelevant. So it is indeed possible to have a lawless society. It is an Institutionalization of Truth whose operation encourages the self-realization & awareness of truth which leads us to a self-actualization of love & spiritual oneness with all.


Ah, but you are forgetting that the members of the community could be free to share the retribution of truth, love, & awareness unto this individual who has become distracted from such a pathway of truth! So this would lead us to, yet, a fourth situation:

  4. Assisting One's Self-realization of Truth

So, then in case 4, we have an orderly system of shared awareness which assists the growth & self-realization of the individual who has deviated and whose ultimate outcome is focuses on the self-actualization of truth & love. Therefore, if this process promotes a higher level of awareness it will determine that the etiological source of this deviation from our central objective of truth & love for all. It will either: 1.) demonstrate that the individual has somehow misunderstood a higher nature of the truth which the community has already become aware of, or 2.) that this deviation was the manifestation of causality that is due to the incomplete & inaccurate nature of the guidelines that have been accepted by this community. Either way, its fundamental purpose is in the interest of the growth, development, and betterment of all. Its outcome either leads to the growth of the individual or the growth of the community and its more holistic abilities to offer a higher degree of accuracy in its sharing of their community awareness.