Can anyone help me?


I am working on a resume, and I have my dad helping me, but if I’m being honest with myself, the man’s really only ever had two jobs and the first one was a huge factor, I’m sure, in his getting the second.

Anyhow- would anyone be willing to help me? Especially those of you who do hiring stuff, if there are any on here…


Re: Can anyone helo me?

If you have MSN or YAHOO PM me your info. I will help you.


Re: Can anyone helo me?

Yeah give me a shout, i may be able to help.


Re: Can anyone helo me?

That used to be my career in a former life…if you’d like to PM your resume to me, I’d be happy to give it a look! :slight_smile:


Re: Can anyone helo me?

I’ll be your boss…lol


Re: Can anyone helo me?

I can’t add attachments to PMs so if you are willing to peek at it, and it is very very rough- like, not even complete- then please PM me your email addy!


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Done and done! :slight_smile: I’ll look at it at home tonight my dear! If you can give me a little background too like the jobs you are looking for, that will help!


Re: Can anyone helo me?

As I have been sending out a lot of resumes myself lately, I’d be glad to look over any cover letter/resumes that you have. I’ve been doing a good amount myself, so I’m sorta ‘‘engrossed’’ in this a bit, as I continue to send out job resumes (hehe).


This has some good advice.

Resume Writing - Guide to Resume Writing for New Grads - Resume Writing Tips

If you want any input from me just let me know. :nod:

Typically though a picture is all I would require before hiring. :smiley:


or am I :ninja :smiley:


Thanks Al, and to whoever fixed my title!