Can you accept that Man is greater than God?


When you can talk adult, we will discuss much.


Not sure how I wasn’t “talking like an adult”, but okay. Me calling you an asshole doesn’t make any less of an adult, I’m just calling you out over your bullshit.


Let’s test that from a moral standpoint.

If you had God’s power to kill or cure, would you do as God is shown to do and kill when almost never curing?

Or would you cure instead of kill?

Hopefully your answer shows you that your morals are better than Yahweh’s.


The concepts I talk of are quite old and come from when religions were God seekers instead of idol worshipers.

If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.


Then learn how to do it.

Get the quote that proves your statement, or recant like an intelligent poster would.

I await the quote but know it is not around and most posters do not have the couth to recant.


@Greatest_I_am This is you claiming to be intelligent or possessing intelligent views.

Nothing of what I said made me less of an adult. You have a hard time reading and understanding things. Surprising since you are so “intelligent”, right?


Either you don’t remember what you said or you aren’t as intelligent as you thought you were.


You proved my last to be true.


Whatever, 'ya self obsessed bastard. :smile: I showed you the quote of you claiming to be intelligent, or holding intelligent views, so now what?




I must have missed it. Lay it on me.


Okay, we’re done here. :joy: Clearly has been posted and I showed you what you were looking for, but yet you don’t want to address it. Perhaps, you’re blind. Or maybe it contradicts the “intelligence” you claim to have, so you block it out. Either way, you are a waste of time.


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” -John 3:16-17. (NIV)

I would say something like that.


oi vay! man greater than god? can man create a planet to live on without live support systems in the vastness of space and time?

greetings, GIA. i remember you from when i was here in 2011 or possibly what most jews, christians and muslims believe about the creator today and what all unbelievers believe is flawed because the universal creator, named elohim by my revered ancestor, moshe rabbenu, has become conflated with the demi-god, YHVH aka allah, who is more properly described as superhuman with some limitations , but whose entire being is still well beyond the understanding of mortals.

the elohim is the ineffable and infinite source of all being; the rules of the way matter and energy transform each other, if you will, fror the atheists and agnostics who may read this… the elohim is all that is, was and ever will be; good bad and indifferent. to try to describe it as anything more specific than that would be putting invalid limitations on it’s infinite nature and it is best to just accept that it exists than to engage in endless debates over something that can’t be proven or dis-proven.

debate the reality of the demigods all you like. were they mythical beings or were they really here and are they really coming back are good topics, but the universal creator and the golden rule are pretty much universally accepted and respected by righteous people of all beliefs.


@Greatest_I_am why are all your topics always centered around the Abrahamic God? Why do we never hear about Vishnu, Taoist deities, or Amaterasu?


that is what our rabbis taught us. we are god’s sensory apparatus on earth and that feeling of warm gooseflesh you may feel spreading from your heart or rising from your feet that christians call the “indwelling of the holy spirit” is how god talks to you. jews call it the “ruach hakodesh” or “holy wind” . when it comes from your heart, that is the father YHVH speaking to you from the sun and the mother earth, named “shechinah” speaks through your feet.

i’ll have to inquire a kabbalist rabbi, whose spirit is in the moon, but the mystic jews teach that the genesis story was an allegory about the most recent collapse of high civilization and that the planet was quarantined, forcing the “gods” to leave the mortals to work things out for ourselves, with YHVH and SHECHINAH staying behind as the spirits of the sun and earth. some scholars consider “BIBLE” to be an acronym meaning “basic instructions before leaving earth”, considering the human soul to be an immortal energy being, hopping from mortal flesh to mortal flesh, with the soul following the bloodlines.

this is why the bible talks about the sins of the fathers being visited to the sons for many generations. there is no heaven or hell, only here. we either get it right and advance or mess up and come back to try again.


to reject such things out of hand without considering possibilities outside the range of your sensory awareness isn’t really very intelligent. if this is truly an infinite universe, i should think that if a human can imagine it, it must be possible that it can also manifest in real time/space as well somewhere.


in my experience, the most intelligent people claim to be ignorant. stupid people are the ones who are most confident of their facts and what is or isn’t “The Truth”.


i like to consider what anthropologists are going to think of these “debates” 500 years from now when they’re sifting through the wreckage, trying to figure out what happened.


i answered that in the comment above. he conflates YHVH with elohim and doesn’t realize that YHVH isn’t the one universal godhead, but only the demigod claiming kingship over all the others. if you look at the ten commandments, he doesn’t say he’s the only god. he says we need to obey him first over all the others.