Can you accept that Man is greater than God?


Elohim is an Abrahamic concept, still doesn’t address my question.


it has it’s equivalents in the vedas. i think maybe the brahma might be the same. the bottom line is that the abrahamic people tend to conflate YHVH with the universal godhead and in so doing, deny the existence of all the other demigods.


Brahman is the Hindu concept of a panentheistic force, but the concept is not universal in religions.

“Demigods” sounds like ISKCON, since that’s what they use for deities besides Vishnu/Krishna, though they hate “impersonalists.”


i don’t recall where i picked up that term. i just use it to distinguish between the universal creator and lesser gods. the way things appear to me after many years of studying the world’s myths and legends is that civilization has risen and fallen many times on this planet, the book of genesis is an allegory about the last fall and that these gods are humans who have “ascended” in the manner of enoch and elijah to space faring people who come and go from this planet to other places.

we don’t see them for thousands of years at a time because of the time dilation that results from hyper light speed travel. while only a few months have gone by in ship time, thousands of years will pass on the planet. this may be the source of the cabbalist’s saying that a day to god is the same as 10, 000 years to man.


Nothing wrong with being confident except I discourage pride. However, we all have limits to our understanding, comprehension and a degree of fallibility.


Your discernment between Elohim and Yah is quite important. And I’ve long thought that that Commandment, in fact, seemed to give credibility to the concept of many gods. This expanded when I studied The Consolation Of Philosophy and understood what Saint Boethius did about gods with a little g. And God with a big G.

I invite you to read The Book Of Abraham to build on such understanding.


Sure, while ignoring that God could have forgiven us without showing the hate he had for Jesus whom he had needlessly murdered.

Nice prick of a God you follow.


Eh. No.

A good 1/4 of the population reject a creator type god, as they should, due to lack of evidence.

The God’s like Yahweh, elohim and Allah are disrespected by most of that 1/4 and many others from other religions to make the believing sector quite small.


Why waste my time on those Gods when it is Allah and Yahweh who are creating most of the homophobia and misogyny?

Are those Gods you mention the ones who have made you a second class citizen or has it been Yahweh and Allah?


Not to the point of stupidity by believing in the supernatural.


Tell us, who or what if not religions, claim to know the truth of things more than religions.

From what you say, religions that claim there is a God in a confident way, are really stupid.

What God did you say you followed?


I agree.

Do you not take pride in your parents, children and choice of wife?

I do.

Even bible God said he was proud of his son so pride is not the sin most poor thinkers think it is.


Jesus asked. Have ye forgotten that ye are Gods?

In Gnostic Christianity we recognize that there are many gods and Gods and we seek those within ourselves, which is the only place a God can exist, if you believe Jesus.

That is why we call God I am and mean ourselves after Gnosis.

Gnostic Christian Jesus said, “If those who attract you say, ‘See, the Kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you.
If they say to you, ‘It is under the earth,’ then the fish of the sea will precede you.
Rather, the Kingdom of God is inside of you, and it is outside of you.
[Those who] become acquainted with [themselves] will find it; [and when you] become acquainted with yourselves, [you will understand that] it is you who are the sons of the living Father.
But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.”


do you ever back your statement of fact with documentary proof? if not, i have no interest in discussing this further with you. it seems that you just pluck things out of the air to suit your narrative but never show proof for anything you say.

[quote]Tell us, who or what if not religions, claim to know the truth of things more than religions.

From what you say, religions that claim there is a God in a confident way, are really stupid.

What God did you say you followed?[/quote]

i didn’t. you are clearly a true believer and i don’t debate true believers. you are convinced that everything in the scripture of every faith is bullshit and you believe in some pseudoscience for your cosmology. you were impossible to communicate with when i ran into years ago and clearly nothing has changed. i won’t disturb your ego dance again.


Go insult someone else.

My morals are not that low.

You are talking about Christians and Muslims.

Both Christianity and Islam have basically developed into intolerant, homophobic and misogynous religions. Both religions have grown themselves by the sword instead of good deeds and continue with their immoral ways in spite of secular law showing them the moral ways.

Jesus said we would know his people by their works and deeds. That means Jesus would not recognize Christians and Muslims as his people, and neither do I. Jesus would call Christianity and Islam abominations.

Gnostic Christians did in the past, and I am proudly continuing that tradition and honest irrefutable evaluation based on morality.


you are a fanatical atheist whose cosmology is based on pseudo-science and church bashing.

i have no interest in your misdirected thoughts about the institutions of religion. please don’t even bother to try and run your redundant rap at me any more. it has clearly not changed in the past six years.




Ironic coming from you. Funny how you can see every other post, but the one, the one you asked for, where I pointed out where you claimed to be intelligent. Now, after @Tommy_Tooter , has called you out for what you are, you resort to insulting. You can’t handle any criticism or you just don’t accept anybody else’s opinions. Why? Because, like you claimed(yet chose to ignore after the fact), you hold “intelligent views”. You want other people to recant their opposition to you because it conflicts with the views you have. Both of the world and, like an asshole, of yourself. You’re a joke.


Weird. I’ll take that as a compliment. Just showing you perspectives you’ve never considered before.


I was talking about Greatest_I_Am, not you.