Cancellation of RP

I’m sorry to say that as creator of the 2500 A.D. RP, that I am going to have to cancel it. @bandy has recently informed me that they are dropping out, @Ricky has stated that he is not opposed to continuing, but I personally feel that the RP has lost a lot of steam, trying to continue it will simply prolong it’s already decreased activity for a week or two.

If @lake wants to appoint anyone else to be the GM of the RP, then I will gladly support them, but I am skeptical about it being successful. I apologize to anyone who’s disappointed, since a lot of you made wonderful posts and interesting planets.

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Also, I suggest you make a thread about feedback for the RP so it can be improved in the future


When are you guys gonna learn to stop trying?


Can’t we just sometimes try CPR before the body starts to rot?
That’s a shame though, I liked that RP, it was pretty fun (I still have several drafts for posts :frowning:)

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Yeah, if you want to RP buy Garry’s mod and join a Star Wars RP server. Y

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I think this idea was dead in the water after we missed a week and not a lot of people noticed/cared.

I would like to thank @Flavia, @bandy, and @Ricky for all that they have done throughout the project, and I’m sure it was hard for them to set it up - and to see all of their hard work end so suddenly.

I would have liked it to stay on, but it would be difficult at this stage unless we can get someone really enthusiastic about running it. Ultimately that decision rests on @lake.

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I think at this point, if we ever try to do an RP thing again we have to try to somewhat enforce some regular posting, because it’s too easy to have a small period of normal inactivity and have the least interested/invested people not care and pretty much leave, giving the impression of abandon and boning those we genuinely cared about it going forward. We might get less people in at first, but at least we should expect things to keep going longer.

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RP next time should be simpler and less taxing on gms, ie calculations and rule checks should only at most take 10 mins to do for a round for each gm. Second i think the weekly nature meant that people where more prone to forgetting it,


@Flavia I’m going to write a small ending to my fleet, it’s going to involve Neptune.

Sorry, buddy… I made DNR the mandated policy…

This RP is in a better place now… wonder how much its organs are worth…

It was interesting to see another RP die, kind of affirmed my thoughts in the beginning that the main problem would be population.

That would be a problem we could fix if Shaz happened to still exist in any capacity.

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How so?

Advertising funding, mainly.

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Saving that gif very useful. JOBS!