Cant trust anyone

So Im at this bar and I let this chic try my hat on. The bitch walked right out the bar with my shit. Straight jacked me. I know where she works and I know what her car looks like. Im going to break her jaw and jack her purse. That way, I can buy a new hat. You see, I can buy another hat, she cant grow more teeth. I must say, Im happy she renewed my lust for misanthropy.

Well that’s shitty. But it sounds like a perfectly rational course of action.



lol! Why did you let her wear your hat??

He probadly thought she would strip for him

She asked if she could try it on. I turned my back for just a second and when I turned back around, she was gone. So, I let her wear it cause I was being nice. Wont make that mistake again.

only give belongings up to people you know. lol

Heck don`t

I didnt give it to her. She asked to try it on.

Don`t be nice say
“Go h*mp a cow”

Im gonna buy a tazer. If any chic asks me for any piece of my outfit, she gets zapped. Period.

just knock her adams apple to side of her throat

Women dont have adams apples Bacon.

actually they do but its only a fraction of the size of a mans

The Adam’s apple is usually more prominent in adult men than in women or prepubescent girls or boys. Note that the growth of the larynx itself during puberty[/URL] is responsible for the vocal instability in teenage boys, not the Adam’s Apple. The Adam’s Apple is merely the protrusion one sees of the thyroid cartilage making up the body of the larynx. Some suggest that the reason for the Adam’s apple usually being more prominent in males is that the two laminae of the thyroid cartilage that form the protrusion meet at an [URL=“”]angle of 90° in males but that angle is usually 120° in females. However, this doesn’t explain why in some women with large Adam’s Apples, they appear no different than what one would see on a man.
A prominent Adam’s apple is commonly considered a male secondary sex characteristic though this is more of a perception than anything pointing to scientific fact since not all males have Adam’s Apples and there are quite a few women who do.

wow i thought only men have those lol i dont know what kind of girls you been talking to that has adams apple lol jk

Never let a stranger wear your hat, you never know if they have nits!:yuk

just do a little anatomy research and you will find out the truth about women and maybe even yourself

This needs to go on Judge Judy. Not the hat thing. I think women should be outlawed from having Adam’s apples. It’s Adam’s fucking apple! Eve ate that shit, she doesn’t get one!