Captain Douchebag


:rofl :rofl :rofl Thats funny. Someone changed my title to Captain Douchebag. :rofl :rofl :rofl


Depends do you eat the pooty? if so it works :dunno


it wasn’t me this time, I SWEAR!!! i don’t know you well enough to call you Captain Douchebag, let alone a douchebag


What do you mean this time??? I know who did it…I think.


Who did it? Im curious b/c somebody thought of something really good and hilarious!


Captain Asshole


Whos Captain Asshole?



Ok, who voted yes??? :fu


in all fareness i can think of others that name would fit better with, but i guess your stuck with it Captain. :laughing :lol :rofl :smiley:


I did :smiley:






You didn’t vote…ass wipe


I did too I am the second one that said it fit :smiley:



Re: RE: Captain Douchebag

i hooked a few people up before and never admitted to it. someone else ended up taking the blame for me… :fu


I’m thinkin I might have to change a few titles


My best guess is whoever did the Captain Asshole, changed yours as well.

I don’t think you’re a douchebag, then again I really don’t know you all that well… so I can’t say firsthand.

It is a clever title though.


:agree :dunno


[quote=horseshoeing]:rofl :rofl :rofl Thats funny. Someone changed my title to Captain Douchebag. :rofl :rofl :rofl[/quote]the vote isn’t looking to good, well it could have been worse they could have taged you with something like [Privet Fudge Packer]now that would have been a tuff one to ware. :booty


I say keep it. its cool. :smiley: