Car Inspection

So is there anyone else in here that waits til the last minute to get your car inspected?? I’m talking it’s the month that it should already be done and still isn’t. So your riding around trying to dodge the cops lol.

That’s me and tim. I have until tomorrow morning that it’ll be done and he has until thursday.

Getting your car inspected is a bullshit errand.

I’m thankful for living in Indiana where that isn’t a requirement.

However, my plates are due July 31st and my license needs renewed August 9th. :frowning:

yeah we’re in a crappy state.

We also realized that we were riding around for a month with expired insurance card and registration. That was another thing that we had to get taken care of

damn… see thats why i’m always a nervous wreck, stuff like that is always on my mind. Come to find out last year that my brother had been driving around for 3 months on an expired license. lol

We drive for a living, luckily he drives like my grandpa.

oh i always hated getting my vehicles inspected in Virginia when i lived there. i always waited until the end of the month to do it. id always be a nervous wreck when i went to one i didnt know too well until i found one that “hooked me up”

Seems like every year when I have to get an inspection sticker I have to go get a new windshield. Normaly gets cracked within a week but this last one whent 11 months before it cracked

i’ve never even heard of getting your car inspected except for at the track. that must really suck.

yeah it pretty much does suck. I wonder how many people have heart attacks in the areas that their cars need to be inspected, from them freaking out about their cars.

It has never realy bothered me acept when I got to shell out $720 for new tires to pass inspection. I have never failed an inspection and I used to drive som beaters. Just when something breaks on my vehicle I fix it.