Car sites


do you guys know any car site like u know… big sites with Classic cars… ty :smiley:

#2 is pretty interesting. alot of good stories on the cars shown there. check it out


wops… my bad i meant cars for sale… forgott to write it… it was very late afterall… :banana



and ebay is always good.


aha… well… autotrader does not seem to have any classic cars… thx anyway…


Uh…may be taking a shot in the dark, but there is a little website called Ebay?


autotrader has a link for classic cars. :dunno


Autotrader … are they have Auctions in your area also check it out


for a good classic (64 1/2 - 72) look up some people in a local calssic car club. i was looking at a 65 before i got my 99 and i got some good cars that cost way too much- well i looked at them- form a group of guys in a local club. i found out about the club when i went to a gas station and bought an “iwanta” and the lady asked what i was interested in buying and i said a classic stang (65-67) and she said her husband was in a group… long story short- look up a local club :rock


most of the auctions are dealer only. :slight_smile:


it is a pain in the ass trying to negotiate with big dealers, especially on nice cars. id doubt a dealer would carry a classic stang either. if you have an iwanta where you live, check it out. i know we have iwanta in georgia and it is basically a huge yard sale on good stuff, not cheap shit. the internet is your friend.


really classic are better bought from a individual … some times the best are ones you just happen onto :smiley:


true dat