Car tuner computer


havent seen a car post in a while (is MM up for real yet? i havent checked recently)…

anyway, heres my question - my bday is coming up so im thinking of asking for a computer tuner doohicky. the two i am thinking about are the SCT or the diablo. the only one ive spoken to anyone about is the diablo (with boozie boy) and he said he likes it. i have also heard very good things about the SCT (i spoke online to the guy at stangsuspension), he said the guy they use to make the 2 default tunes is very good, and he was saying that sct has more experience with our cars.

anyone else know anything about this stuff?

i dont think im going to do any major tuning myself with it (so whil its a little annoying, i dont mind THAT much tha tthe SCT dosnt have the screen, while the diablo does), i just want the extra HP kick and i need to adjust the speedo already… its annoiying seeing it at 100 but only going 68 or so… hehe.

so bearing that in mind, any advice, comments, criticisms?


id say spend the money and have it profesionally tuned on a dyno


for a v6 with almost no mods? (other than gears and a catback) i figured that wouyld be kinda of a waste


then work on the mods :smiley: :gears :gears


Re: RE: car tuner computer

Not necessarily. I’ve told you in the past how much I like programmers like the Diablo and the Super Chips unit. But a dyno tune with or without a programmer or chip can find weak spots in your fuel delivery, ignition/electrical, etc.
You can just get a programmer and dial your shizz in to a point. But someday for shits and giggles, set up a dyno appointment and if nothing else, just see what you’re putting to the ground.


i used to live and die by diablo, but i am learning that SCT has alot more tunning capabilities. it is also tuner friendly. you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to tune with SCT… :rock
anyway, i second what booze was speaking.