Car's finally going in for surgery!


see the sig :smiley:

hopeuflly ill have it back by early next week.

also, i found out when i went to the shop, that the place has a floor dyno!.. so i asked they guy if hed be able to do a real tune on it. is that worth it with a v6? (ignoring money i mean…like is it worth it performance wise to bother?)


dont they dyno motorcycles?? and some of them only got 2 clyies… so i think your 6 cylies is fine… plus, they tune 4 banger imports so, i think 6 cylies wouldnt be too much a problem


yea tune it, get in the comp and speedcal the speedo back to match the gears.


Re: RE: car’s finally going in for surgery!

Uh…with a custom tune, he doesn’t need a speedcal.


nevermind then… but get the speedo coordinating with the gears atleast.


yeah i hope he’ll take care of it for me (speed), we will see.