CD creator programs


whats everyone use or recomend. i need to get one. i had roxio but that sucked big time IMHO.


i tried nero for like about 2 days, and i reinstalled windows, and i use the one from windows. but i really dont burn much … yet :smiley:


i use nero.


Re: RE: CD creator programs

what version number. and i can get this at stores like bestbuy


um…download nero 6 ultra edition trial and try the sn i pm’d you. :smiley:


:smiley: got it and thanks man. really apreciate it.


:smiley: glad to be of service.


now how can i find the link to download nero. i go to there website and all i see is version 7 and cant find version 6 to download or is this something i have to get on a P2P like limewire.


i would check i didn’t realize nero 7 was out…i can try and find sn for that if you want.


Why y’all gotta be so complicated? I DL music using LimeWire, and then burn CDs using WMP. It’s so easy, kiddos.


i have nero 5,5,10,7

nero is great and it came with the stuff my cousin got when he built my computer


:agree I had roxio but that would always seem to conflict with everything on my computer. I just use WMP now. It makes no sense to buy anything else if you are just burning audio.


yeah thats why i dint like the roxio easy cd creator. to many problems when i had it installed.