Censorship on YD


I am going to make this very clear for you all.

YouthDebates is a free speech forum. We have not and will not censor your opinions. What we will do, is create a a welcoming environment, free from insults and derogatory language.

For those of you who may argue that punishing users for using rude or insulting language is censorship; we have always had such a rule. You have never in the past complained that we restrict your freedom of speech, so why start now?

@shaz, the @Team and myself are open to hearing your concerns, should you have any, in a mature manner.

If you are still unhappy with the proposals, then I am truly sorry you feel that way.


At this point, we don’t care about censorship, @Frankie.

We want you and @Shaz gone, and that’s final.


Good luck.


No we haven’t. Personal attacks have never been allowed, but there has been no restriction on usage of terms.

You should know by now that users here will revolt if they feel unfairly treated. Locking threads only make matters worse.


I invite you to look at all the cat avatars on this forum. They did not drop out of the sky, they all hate your guts, and that is not counting the other posters who have agreed with us privately. Now imagine what happens if they all got it through their head (which they’ve already showed the capability of doing) to leave this forum because of you.

There is no win situation here. We can live without you, you cannot live without us.


That has to be the quote of the year for me. Would love the old wise vets to stay, but @Frankie isn’t going anywhere. I sure as hell am not going anywhere. So do what you have to do.



4 people who shitpost like it’s a a job?
We cry bitter tears for your departure.


I’m sorry you can’t count cucklenuts. But that is not really our problem is it?


Who are you again?


Not a little bitch?
Is this a question?


What does it look like it is, a statement?


I’m clicking some threads and then it says the page doesn’t exist, is that a technical error?


Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


Some threads have been closed.



Yes they have.


Why are threads being closed?


Bc we live in the DPRK


Because we deem them to be inappropriate and unnecessary.


How do we know that a thread is unnecessary? Wait, how do you know?