Censorship on YD


basically all the old guard


because they are promoting hateful comments that are similar to nazi beliefs maybe ?


Lol, we’ve always had nazis and they’ve always been welcome to post their beliefs.


If you matter so very much, you could just leave or stop posting?
Shitposting and devaluing your opinion even further really doesn’t help your point.


I forgot people aren’t allowed to hold beliefs


Hahahhahahaa implying opinions have any innate value


sorry but

what the fuck does this sentence say


So then why are you here?


It clearly asks whether anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like, isn’t that obvious?


The staff on YD are especially friendly and really helpful, always willing to take on new ideas. If you can’t accept the rules of this forum then I won’t bat an eyelid at you leaving.

Thank you for your continued work on the forums @Frankie @shaz and all other moderators! :grin:


what is that supposed to mean ? i don’t sponsor or support nazi beliefs nor am i one.


its a rhetorical meme post used to respond to people that you think are conveying an argument that makes no sense.

thats how I’ve generally seen it used anyway.


The forum. Has always. Had nazis.


Why are you here?

Your opinion is innately valueless. No-one genuinely gives a shit about your opinion, and those that say they do don’t really because they think their views are superior.

Don’t kid yourself by thinking you’re intrinsically right, kiddo.


Thank you darling! We do try our best for all you guys, so thank you for appreciating it. :slight_smile:


I was clearly referring to the part where he asks if anyone really was far as decided to use even go wanting to do looking more like.

You’re paraphrasing me and I don’t like it.


Please stop strawmaning the man who goes as far to do more like.


I agree.

Thanks @Frankie @shaz :kissing_closed_eyes:


Not quite. Hedon and the Australian guy left … so we didn’t really have anyone until Spodershibe came along.


@De Dannan has been here since forever, though he isn’t a nazi anymore. My point is that people being nazis is nothing new.