Censorship on YD


You’re being Naziish by wanting to ban free expression bc of their own political viewpoints.


“I don’t care about anyone’s opinion but my own so clearly this is how everyone else thinks!”


Are you implying that the man who was far as decided to use to do looking more like, wasn’t actually looking?

That’s a bit racist. Are you saying it because he was Asian?




Here, here!


Aren’t you a little rebel. This isn’t the Revolution, this is Earth calling Vulpes we come in peace.


he was never really a nazi by his own admission. he straddled to agree with hitler on some points.


BingoBongoLand1m Cameronism


BingoBongoLand1m Cameronism


BingoBongoLand1m Cameronism

BingoBongoLand1m Cameronism

what is this a reply to




That’s an outright lie.

The exact rule before was that offensive language could be used so long as it was part of an honest political opinion.


Did it spam through? Whoops

@Ethan_Mac_McNally, while not Nazi, is borderline fascist.


Here, here.



Frankie showing her super PR knowledge by putting “Censorship on YD” as a title on a thread where she claims censorship isn’t happening.


Aye, nearly.


wrong. I want Nazi beliefs and Nazi scum like you to never be on this site, your beliefs are what started a fucking world war, and thankfully you got ur arses kicked, we don’t need any more violence or offense caused by you.


When you stop kissing @Frankie’s rump like she’s giving you head, then maybe we can talk.


Fantastic PR right there. Although in criticising her, I am criticising myself given I drove for her to get staff, and managed it after Divair gave it a boost. Guess I’m therefore partially responsible for YD going down the shitter. =(


I want UKIP beliefs and UKIP scum like you to never be on this site


I’d like to see a post that got someone punished you genuinely believe was acceptable use.
I haven’t seen any but would like to, and while I’m not for censorship, if you are just mad you can’t call people niggers or faggots or cunts because muh free speech, I can’t agree with you there.


May I ask, why is there an increasing group of people on this website who are going crazy over minor changes? Derogatory terms serve no purpose unless they are aimed to insult.