Censorship on YD


wonder what Divair would think about the site today


Haha I’m no Nazi. Not even fascist.

Technically Britain started WW2.

Also fascist Spain and Italy didn’t instigate WW2.


Blame allegrif, probably.


Except words like ‘negro’ and ‘faggot’ have real purposes in conversation.


you are clearly a fascist as I have seen you quote Donald Trump who is actually a known fascist


Give me an example which isn’t you just replacing an appropriate word with a derogatory term in a sentence.


And racist


What if I wanted to talk about Negroid heritage or talked about the historical significance of the fasces.


Negroid heritage and the fasces are A) scraping the bottom of the barrel of ideas (I can tell you’ve thought about that answer) and B) can still be discussed without the use of derogatory terms.


Hardly scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

It’s literally a topic relating to evolution.

Do you know why we use phrases like ‘faggot’ instead of ‘bundle of twigs’? Because it’s simpler, it’s the natural way in which language progresses. Banning a usage of a word because ‘hurr durr offends me’ makes as much sense as banning the letter ‘M’.


So has anyone been punished for the use of this language yet or are you just bitching to bitch? I haven’t seen anyone get in trouble for something short of blatantly going NIGGERNIGGERNIGGER or the like SPECIALLY to get banned.


@Shaz has censored some. So yes. The policy has gone into effect.


That’s really poor reasoning. Because it’s simple? So if something is more simple for you it makes it okay?


we both know you don’t actually use the word ‘faggot’ to mean ‘a bundle of sticks’.

as for mongoloid/negroid, I have no idea what position shaz is taking on that, but I doubt those terms would actually be banned.


Links? You can cry HELP HELP I’M BEING REPRESSED all you want but I’d like to see some archive links or something.


Yep, suspended and censored those that are trolling and spamming. Other than that, not much has happened besides an uproar from 5 bro’d out members.


No. You perceive to be poor reasoning.

The fasces as an idea had always interested me.

Well you just used ‘it’s’ and ‘that’s’. Do you know why? Can you work that one out for yourself?

Are you really going to carry on with the subjective bullshit?


My point is that it can be, among other uses for the word. So banning the word is baseless and comparable to 3rd Wave Feminism’s censorship.

Give it time.


The use of “it’s” and “that’s” doesn’t offend anyone unless they are strictly against the use of contractions in sentences.


How about admittance?