Censorship on YD


fasces is the same amount of letters to type than ‘faggot’.

‘it is’ and ‘it’s’ saves you a letter and has no possible negative connotation.

I sympathize with what you’re saying but you’re not doing a good job of defending the position.


I guess it can be if you live in the 30s or something before the Etymology of the word changed.


Being offended is subjective to the individual.

But again, that doesn’t give you the right to willy-nilly ban words; or at least without repercussions.


Yep I suspended a user after giving him a warning and after they spammed and trolled the entire community. This user then created more accounts and kept spamming.

Don’t see anything wrong with it so I won’t be justifying why it happened.


The fasces is not the same as a faggot.

And if it offends me by being lazy?

Do I have the right to ban apostrophes?


Negro was used way after that.

Did you not study the Civil Rights movement?


Let’s be real. I have every right to do as I please. If that causes some users to lash out, troll, spam, change their avatars, leave, whatever they feel necessary to get their feelings out, so be it. Hopefully they get over it and continue sharing their wisdom here.

I don’t believe my stance on derogatory terms hurts the forum. If I’m wrong then I’ll take full blame.


There’s more of that attitude being fixed.


I dont care about people being offended so you’re really talking to the wrong person with that argument.


> won’t give justification
> ‘hurr durr’ I’m right


You don’t like straight talk huh? You want to be babied? Not happening.


We weren’t talking about that word to begin with and I don’t particularly care if you say ‘Negro’ but I’m not the bossman.


Then why the fuck are you fully embracing bone idleness?


Well whatever word. It matters not.




Well yeah it does matter if the subject of the discussion was the words to begin with. Negro and Negroid do not mean different things. Faggot, due to Etymology, does mean something else. They aren’t comparable.


Mate, you know literally nothing about me, I’m fine with straight-talking, as I think pretty much every member of this forum can attest to.

The problem is sounding like a massive cunt when you’re in a position of authority that relies on the support of those beneath you. Again, trust me, most members of the forum can attest to that being a problem in the past and present.


For a libertarian and a Constitution enthusiast, you really do embarrass yourself.


He knows more about you than you think.


I make no strides to embrace any -isms or -ians over what I actually think.

By the way from a purely libertarian standpoint a business or otherwise private organization has the right to do what Shaz is doing. Not the best thing to say, huh?