Censorship on YD


Negro is singular and plural, Negroid is only plural and refers to biological taxation. Whereas Negro is literally a translation of a colour.


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You know considering you’re still all able to post despite saying nigger, faggot, cunt, porch monkey, and other derogatory terms, I’d say you’re really bitching for nothing right now.
I’ve still yet to see any evidence people have been censored over this, just “It happened don’t question it just get mad”


You aren’t a reliable source, Frankie.


So which libertarian principle is of higher value?

Right to free expression or the embrace of the free market?


‘Negro’ since it was introduced to the English language has referred to black people. Same with ‘Negroid’.


depending entirely on what side of the libertarian spectrum you stand on. the 2016 run for the libertarian ticket was about just that, actually. There’s no general consensus on that.

however, your ‘rights’ don’t extend to private organizations to begin with. your ‘rights’ only pertain to what the government can and cannot do to you.


Negro has more to do with Portuguese and Spanish, Negroid with ancient Greek and Latin.


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Okay, this shit is getting out of hand.


We don’t speak those languages if I remember correctly.

I mean, I think I’m typing to you in English, but maybe my eyes mistake me.


Ayy, you’ve converted back, I prefer the sheep anyway.


I’ve changed my avatar. I still dislike the change.


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One could argue it’s still relevant.


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I defiantly faught against the introduction of the new rules, but I managed to avoid this wrecking ball of a thread.


I managed to miss the entire thing, from the last senate dying to when this died down

Such a shame


This is just what freedom of speech is all about. Insults and derogatory language has absolutely nothing to do with free speech. What you have created on YouthDebates is an Island in a sea of repressive actions against free speech and to top it all, you gave me as a new user a warm welcome. Thank you and keep up the good work.