Censorship on YD


Thank you, we really appreciate that. :slight_smile:

And glad to see you back!


They do, The very first propagators of the idea used it to extensively insult the powers of their time.


To Insult the Powers by Heavy critique, sure. But from what I understand this post has nothing to with that. It simply states that we can disagree on different matters all we like, but that we shouldn’t use demeaning language, name Calling or slander against each other on the forum. That we Always let our arguments do the talking.


So are you gonna look at Mr.Burkes email address and lurk his social media to make sure he’s not an alt account???



when you’re reading through and have a sassy response but it would be seven months late


I’m wondering why this thread came back


Someone thought it was relevant after what happened in the “YouthDebates Community Feedback - April” thread.


Fair enough. At least people know that censroship didn’t end or start with me. I am not the bad guy anymore. WOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Actually I revived it to be a prick


“Be” implies you weren’t already though… :wink: