Champions league 1/4 final draw

villarael v arsenal

manchester united v fc porto

liverpool v chelsea

barcalona v bayern munich

almost the perfect draw for english teams

Very good draw for us, Porto will be a test but we should have enough to win.

[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2]So, we are now before the second game. For me FC Barcelona is just invincible, I thought that the game between Barcelona and Bayern will by more dramatic… well it was very dramatic for Bayern and their fans. I’m pretty sure that Barcelona will win this edition of Champions League. The only team that can defeat Barcelona is… Barcelona. Yes, it is quite amazing that 4 teams for UK are in quarter-final but they should, no… they must do something much more extraordinary to win champions league… they have to beat FC Barcelona.[/SIZE][/FONT]

They’re not unstoppable. We beat them last year and they had the same team really.

Barcelona aren’t any better than Chelsea, Liverpool or Man U.

Bayern Munich are not even in the same league as any of the top european teams, so demolishing them means nothing.

like liverpool destroyed madrid?

[SIZE=2][FONT=Calibri]The way how they play, the way how they perform their attacks… Each single pass is important. No matter if You are Man Utd fan, If Your favorite team is AC Milan, Liverpool or Inter, if You love Football You have to admit that FC Barcelona is in this season amazing. When I was watching games between FC Barcelona and Bayern, Lyon, Sevilla, Valencia or Atletico (since 1989 I’m AC MILAN fan to be clear) I was delighted. I not seeing that Barcelona is invincible, but when You are watching their games… Just sit down and enjoy the game. [/FONT][/SIZE]

so what are barcalona going to do when john terry or steven gerrard clatters messi?..when he doesn’t want the ball…then they’re main outlet is gone

and lets face it,the spanish league isn’t as strong as it once was,wheras the english league is getting stronger

I love the way Barcelona play. it’s entertaining. It’s like Arsenal (this will shock you) i enjoy watching them play as they can be entertaining.

No body is denying Barcelona play pretty football.

They played pretty football 3 or 4 years ago under Rijkaard.
Didn’t help them, they lost to Chelsea.

They played equally pretty football against Liverpool a few years ago
Didn’t help them then either, lost again.

English teams have an inherit advantage over Spanish teams: they’re fitter and stronger. English teams play at a very high tempo all match which players from La Liga just can’t keep up with.
And not to mention, as Skyblue already said, they’re a bit scared of a good kicking :smiley:

Delete please :slight_smile: