Changing up a few things


Integrated the ads alot better into the site, now theirs fewer and their alot less noticable. To date, Offtopicz has made about $6 in revenue which is not very much. The click through ratio is 0.2% so I was just going to remove them all together. The general consensus here was not to remove ads, so shaking them up abit is a last ditch effort to keep them. Feedback is welcome. Banner ads suck.

Now, I’m working on the header for better navigation.


well to tell you the truth i used to click on the ads but on some of them my spyware indicator went off when i clicked on them. so i only try to click on some that i already know.


Thats cool man. I am guilty of forgeting the ads were even there.


we all do. the banner ads get so monotonis (sp) that we block them out. thats why Im going to text links instead. Im not encouraging any clicks, only to say if you see something that interests you then check it out.


i saw a meyer lemon tires thing, i might go check out :cool

edit: well, when to go check it out, and it changed to draft lemon trees, or something like that, and clicked on it and clicked the top link and this is the picture i saw:

how do you like them lemons? :smiley: