Check out my



It’s almost done. I still have some tinkering to do here and there. Try to flash it up a bit more. I built it for my best friend to promote his/our music. Any recommendations from webmasters would be great.



it look sgood so far. :slight_smile:


what kind of content are you gonna have?


Is it intended more for friends and Family. Just curious.


It’s just the bare bones right now Booze…
In response to Joe:
Just some more music and a video. He’s going to sell CDs, stickers and such. He’s an aspiring singer/songwriter. We collaborate on the music… but it’s pretty much a solo act (him) right now. I’d like to get the page to show up in searches for “solo act, independent artist, chattanooga artist” ect ect. I want to use the site for promotion, send out to A&R reps… stuff like that. Any suggestions? It’s my first site… I’m not real fluent with coding. I just have the basic layout up now… and I alter it as I come up with stuff to snaz it up.


you gotta have alot of content for it to show up high in google searches, with alot of hits. add some meta tags for indexing and following your page links, should have a links page to other high traffic sites for more hits as well.


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