Child Dies In Hot Car


The 14 month old son of a community college official died early Friday at a Little Rock hospital, where he was taken after spending four hours inside his mother's car at the college the day before.

Zachary Bowden was airlifted to Arkansas Children's Hospital at Little Rock on Thursday after his mother, Kristin Bowden, discovered she had left him in her car from 8 a.m. to noon while a summer school program for high school students was under way at Cossatot Community College of the University of Arkansas.

The toddler's mother is vice chancellor and dean of academic services at the college.

The Pulaski County coroner's office at Little Rock said Zachary was pronounced dead at 4:16 a.m. Friday.

National Weather Service records show that the official temperature at De Queen rose from 77 degrees at 8 a.m. Thursday to 89 degrees at noon.

Frank Adams, president of the college, said Bowden took her son to the institution's health office immediately after discovering she had left him in the car. A nurse at the health office performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Adams said, and the child was taken by ambulance to a De Queen hospital, from which he was taken by helicopter to the Little Rock hospital.


Goes to show you that having an education (probably had a doctorite) doesn't mean shit. What a fucking moron... please let her go to trial for involuntary manslaughter, please please please.

RIP Zachary, you're better off where you are than under the "care" (and I use that term loosely) of that dumb bitch.


So I guess she's gonna try the whole "I didn't realize I left him in the car" defense? No jury in their right mind would fall for that one. No one could be that stupid. This is a case of pure neglect. End of story.


that is so sad. :frowning: I pray for the family and that child.


I understand people make mistakes but still....this happens way to often EVERY YEAR...when will people learn...


what I dont understand is , "How can you forget your child was with you" crap! I dont buy that!


there are people that are just plain stupid...can't help it...




omg thats terrible RIP


"seriously, I will pay people not to have children"


Re: RE: Child Dies In Hot Car


I don't buy that bs either..........I don't understand how in the hell a parent forgets their child is in the car with them!!!!!


Sadly you have several of these cases at the beginning of every summer,

Are thier lives truly so busy that they don't have 2 seconds to stop and think.. DUH where is my kid, are they so preoccupied with themselves that they can not remember that they put thier child in the car with them when they left. and If this is the case,

It is sad that a child had to not only die due to the ineptness of their parent, but that they had to suffer, Yet in the end it probably os truly a blessing for the child, What a lonely and insignificant life that child would have led, I mean really, obviously they weree not thier parents priority, if not as a baby now, then they never would have been, They would have grown up alone, and invisable to those who are supposed to love them.

It is always Wrong when a child dies so needlessly, and even more wrong when it is due to the lack of parenting by those who are meant to protect them.


What a bunch of hypocritical self righteous assholes that could comment on such a case but never bothered to follow it through with research. Otherwise you would have known the mother was suffering from a brain tumor and accidentally did forget the child due to that. No other reason but that. I knew both her and her twin boys that are my kids ages. Back then, I wouldn’t have forgotten mine either but no one can say it would never happen to them.


Any arguments against giving the mom the death penalty? Her incompetence caused someone to die. An eye for an eye, I believe she should die too.