Choose Sammy's new AV

Alright 8 submissions have been made, and not it’s time to vote. The poll will be open for three days, if you fail to vote, well then that is your own damn fault now isn’t it. So no bitchin!

Submission #1

By Aufred, The AV of the real flea Market guy, the real Sammy Stephens

Sub #2

By Danielle, The groovy background with my glorious visage displayed op front!!

Sub # 3

By red, not sure what the big deal is, it’s pretty much what I look like without my shirt on anyeway. I call it the Roid Monkey

Sub #4

By DK, Me being corn holed by HW MMA former champ Tim Sylvia.


By DK, Me marrying MW MMA fighter and abnocious D-bag Phil Baroni. Or Bride of phil

Sub #6

By Dk (I think he’s trying to tell me something) Me being spanked by Current HW champ Brock Lesnar

Sub # 7

By Lexi. Sammy the whore, Damn I look good in this one, I’d hit it

Sub #8

By Cam El Toe, Me getting socked in the face. buggeyed big nose and drooling…or as I like to call it, thursday night

Re: Choose Sammy’r ne AV

LOL, I f’d up the thread title

Re: Choose Sammy’r ne AV



lol, I’d go with either 4 or 6.

well SOMEONE had to vote for mine:(

It’s a good one, i just think everyone has gone soft and cry a lil thinking about me in pain :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I just found the one I’m voting for :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, now we have a 4 way tie!

yeah, that, or they’ve gone HARD thinkin about you with another bloke:24:

Or hard thinking of me as a female prostitute they can purchase for a night! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dayum!! 5 way tie now!!

Now a 6 way tie!!

Damn this is close!!

I voted. :nod:


I actually voted, but I could care less :stuck_out_tongue:

FleaMarket Montgomery “It’s jus’ like it’s jus’ like it’s jus’ like a mini-mall!”

I voted…:wink:
There’s something so natural about Samdrew getting spanked by Brock Lesnar :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god, number 1 every day of the week

YAY Mine’s getting votes :smiley:

Indeed, you are tied for first and there are three that with one more vote wil also be tied.

I am pretty happy actually that it is so close! :smiley: