I have 78 hours of music on win media player and I’ve heard 8 songs by limp bizkit in teh last hour.

Shuffle sucks ass.


i’ve noticed that also, i always end up with the songs by the same band on wmp shuffle


your computer is just getting back at you for owning a import


if you dont like limp bizkit, why do you have in on your playlist?


because he’s and import owner and import owners obviously don’t make rational decisions


i am also an import owner…


Re: RE: Christ…

I was playing randomly with a playlist including anything from limp bizkit ot mozart. 78 hours worth of music, I didn’t want to hear that many of hte same band in such a short period of time.

If I didn’t like LB, I wouldn’t have them on my list.

Use common sense here.


and we care about you owning an import :dunno

J/K! :smiley: :banana


well, i wasnt sure, thats why i asked 2000Si…


Re: RE: Christ…

and I was joking with si…he busts my balls just the same…


:agree cept I aint got no balls to bust! :smiley: